Payroll Expense Transfer Update

As announced in the February CO Newsletter, effective February 1, 2016, payroll transfers are being accrued during the month submitted and then reversed to coincide with the payroll compute and Distribution of Payroll Expense generation. This change allows departments to view the impact of a payroll transfer shortly after the payroll transfer has been submitted. Additionally, the change provides Contracts & Grants Accounting with the necessary ledger detail required by the Uniform Guidance when submitting final invoices and reports that include these late posting transactions. We have begun to incorporate these accruals into final invoices and reporting to positive affect.

We are further refining this process as we complete our first month of processing. When Business Units other than Campus are involved in the payroll transfer, our system does not support the automatic loading of the information. As a result, we will only be accruing those payroll transfers involving the Campus (SFCMP) Business Unit at this time. We are investigating actions to support accrual of all payroll transfers and hope to implement a solution in the near future. The table below describes our current payroll expense transfer accrual practice:

Will be accrued
  • SFCMP to non-SFCMP Business Unit
  • non-SFCMP Business Unit to SFCMP
Will NOT be accrued
  • non-SFCMP Business Unit to non-SFCMP Business Unit