Effort Reports Due by April 30, 2016

Effort Reporting for the July 1 to December 31, 2015 period is due by April 30, 2016.

Per UCSF Campus Administrative Policy 300-20, all personnel paid from, or with effort committed to, a federally-sponsored project (including federal flow-through subcontracts that the campus receives as a second-tier contractor of a federal agency) are required to review, correct, complete, and certify effort reports semiannually. Exceptions are pre- and postdoctoral individuals supported 100% by a fellowship (stipend) with no additional employment compensation, and college Work Study employees.

The Effort Reporting System is accessed through MyAccess. If you have log in or other technical issues, contact the IT Help Desk at 415.514.4100, option 2. For more information on the effort reporting process, visit the Controller's Office website. Questions related to effort reports should be sent to [email protected].

AnchorFinal Reporting Certification Process Essentials
Final Reporting Certification was incorporated into PeopleSoft RAS during the 9.2 upgrade effective March 28th. Please refer to the Final Reporting Certification Form job aid for information on how to complete the process within PeopleSoft RAS. Highlighted below are several key items to help you better understand the new process.

  1. When beginning a new Final Reporting Certification, it is important to enter the information exactly as provided in the CGA email notification. This information facilitates the entry and retrieval of certifications throughout the process.
  2. While reviewing your award, we encourage you to start a certification and save adjustments/accruals as you identify items; click on the “Save” button throughout the process to capture the information. Once your review is complete and before the deadline, you will select the “Submit” button to route the form to CGA for review.
  3. In the rare instance that you identify an adjustment/accrual after you submit the Final Reporting Certification Form, if CGA has not started the review process (indicated in the Approver Comments) you can update the information in the Certification by selecting “Save”. If CGA has begun their review, then email the information to CGA at [email protected].