Attachment E Update

Effective June 1st, Attachment E for PeopleSoft Cost Transfer Journals will be updated to align with the Attachment E for the Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (PETU). The first two questions in the journal Attachment E will be collapsed and you now explain the benefit to the project and the role or nature of the expense in one response. The second question will now address those expenses posting to the ledger after 120 days from the original posting date; you will still need to explain and justify the reason for the lateness of these transactions.

Principal Investigator certification is required for all cost transfers resulting in a new charge to a federal or federal flow-through award.

Beginning on June 1st, all Attachment Es in PeopleSoft will display only two questions and answers regardless of the date the Attachment E was originally completed; if you view a journal created prior to June 1, 2016, on Attachment E you will not see all three questions or the original three answers. If circumstances require you to provide a journal created prior to June 1, 2016 including the original three questions and answers, submit a request by email to the Controller's Office Solution Center.