Fiscal Year-End and Reports

Throughout the month of July, more than one accounting period will be open in PeopleSoft. MyReports users will see the following during the fiscal year-end closing process:

Defaults to May 2016

  • Actual vs. Plan Comparison Report
  • Current Year vs. Prior Year Actuals Comparison Report
  • Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DPE)

Defaults to 2015-16

  • Faculty Portfolio Monthly Report
  • Faculty Portfolio Payroll Detail by Month Report
  • Operational Monthly Report
  • Organization Report
  • Project Comparison Report

Defaults to Jun 2016

  • All other reports

Available after July opens

  • Filter value: Jul 2016 (except for Faculty Portfolio reports)

Available after June closes

  • Filter value: Jul 2016 for Faculty Portfolio reports
  • Filter values: Fiscal Year 2016-17
  • FY2016-17 Opening Net Position
  • July Actuals reflected in Portfolio Projections (Standard, Extended, and Non-Sponsored) sheets
  • When two accounting periods are open at one time, Report Date Filters default to the last closed month or the open month depending on the report purpose and design:
  • The availability of filter values and data for Fiscal Year 2016-17 also vary with the accounting periods:
  • MyReports does not use the prelim, interim, and final June ledger naming convention. Snapshots of balances for these periods can be obtained by running reports the day after the PeopleSoft and MyReports nightly batch processes are complete for each respective close (June 15 for prelim and July 22 for interim). The Ledger Post Date field in the Transaction Detail Report can be used to determine when a specific transaction occurred.

If you have questions about any of these practices, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.