Roles and Responsibilities for Termination Notices

At the end of an appointment on a federal grant, a Termination Notice (TN) must be initiated through xTrain (an application in the NIH eRA Commons) for all trainees and fellows. For a fellowship, the Program Director/Principal Investigator (fellow) or a delegate must log into xTrain and submit the TN. For training grants, the Program Director or Principal Investigator must locate each trainee and either re-appoint them or terminate the appointment in xTrain. The TN is routed between the PI and fellow/trainee as needed. The final step is to route the TN to the Business Official (BO).

For all TNs, please choose CGA Student Research Administrator Faye Ou as the Business Official. Faye or another member of the Student Service team will ensure that all required information is provided and verify the accuracy of the payment by comparing Accounts Payable and Payroll reports to the TN. The PI or department finance analyst will be contacted to resolve any discrepancies.

Only the Program Director or Principal Investigator can change the Business Official in xTrain; this function is not available to anyone else at UCSF. If you receive notification that a TN is due or late and you have submitted the TN, please check that the Business Official selected is Faye Ou. CGA will not receive any notification and cannot take any action in xTrain until the correct Business Official is selected, and xTrain does not provide any search or reporting capabilities to identify TNs by institution.

If you have any questions, contact the CGA Student Service Team at [email protected].