Update on Organizational Changes in CGA

Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA) announced its final organizational changes in the July 2016 CO Newsletter. Since the announcement, CGA staff have transitioned to their new teams and roles, and nearly all positions have been filled. A reorganization of this magnitude involves many changes; from the mundane (moving staff to different workstations so teams are co-located) to the complex (cross training all staff while maintaining service levels). We appreciate your patience and understanding during this continuing transition.

Three tools are available to help you identify your service team and award analyst:

  1. "CGA Service Team Member" field of the Award Details in the RAS Award Profile
    (see page 10 of the revised RAS Quick Reference Guide for RAS location details)
  2. Find Your CGA Service Team quick reference guide
  3. CGA Contacts tab on the Controller's Office website

If you have questions or need assistance with an award, contact the assigned CGA Analyst.

To more quickly route questions to the correct CGA service team for action, email communication will generate a ServiceNow ticket and be automatically routed to the appropriate service team based on the email address. You can help us respond to your questions more quickly by using the updated email addresses identified on the Controller's Office website and referring to the ServiceNow ticket INC# when contacting CGA. To prevent duplicate tickets which slow response time, please do not include the CGA email address in your responses once you receive the INC#.