Controller's Office Solution Center to Support HBS Processing Center

The Controller's Office Solution Center continues to broaden its support of Controller’s Office functions. Effective October 31, 2016, in addition to Payroll inquiries, the Solution Center will begin support of HBS Processing Center inquiries that are currently being submitted to [email protected].

Common inquiries include administrator questions such as:

    • How do I request a timesheet group change, delegate authority, or request an access role update?
    • Where do I submit forms pertaining to timekeeping?
    • How do I alert HBS Processing Center of an upcoming pay-related event (career-to-per diem, pay cycle conversion, etc.)?

After October 31, you may continue to email [email protected]. Email sent to this address will generate a ServiceNow ticket that will be answered by the Controller's Office Solution Center.

The Controller's Office Solution Center will be expanding its scope of HBS inquiries over the next few months; look to future editions of the Controller’s Office Newsletter for more information on the type of questions and specific transition timing.