Automated Processing of Journal Flat File Submission Begins February 1st

All journals submitted as flat files for electronic upload to PeopleSoft must use FTP (file transfer protocol). Beginning on February 1st, journal flat files sent using FTP will no longer require an email notification from the requester to IT Production Services for processing. Rather, files sent to the FTP server will be automatically picked up for processing during the next regularly scheduled job - Monday through Friday at noon and 4 p.m. Following processing, you will receive an email notification that your journal has been successfully loaded to PeopleSoft or that it failed to load. For failed journals, you can correct any format errors and submit your corrected file to the FTP server for processing at the next scheduled job time.

All departments currently using FTP flat file journal submission have been notified of this change. Departments with a need for electronic submission of journals using this flat file import process must first be authorized by the Controller's Office Accounting and Reporting Unit and approved by ITS following successful completion of a test submission. For more information, see the revised job aid Journal Entry Flat File Submission Process available from the Accounting & Reporting Training & Job Aids tab of the Controller's Office website.