Requesting Access to UCSF Health Financial Reports

As of March 1st, a new MyReports role will be available in the Access Management Application to manage access to UCSF Health Financial Reports. The UCSF Health Reporting Role provides approved UCSF Health staff access to financial reports limited to data within Business Units in the UCSF Health organization.

Only Department Access Administrators may submit requests for MyReports access. UCSF Health managers who need access to the UCSF Health Financial Reports for themselves or their staff should notify their Department Access Administrators to add the UCSF Health Financial Reporting Role in MyReports. Access Administrators use the Access Management application (available via MyAccess) to request, change, or deactivate MyReports roles for individual users.

For additional access information, consult the MyReports section of the Controller’s Office website or contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.