Southwest Airlines Temporary Booking Platform Changes

Southwest Airlines will update their booking platform on May 8, 2017. As a result, Southwest Airlines has implemented some temporary changes to ensure that flights are correctly booked.

Trips spanning May 8
All Southwest flights booked via travel agency websites for travel that begins prior to May 8 and ends after May 8 must be booked as two one-way tickets (departure and return flights booked separately). Normal fees will apply for each ticket. Travelers who attempt to book round trip tickets spanning May 8 will receive an error indicating the booking could not be completed.

To avoid multiple tickets and fees, travelers can book their Southwest tickets directly via SWABIZ (Southwest Airlines for Business) using the “Book Now” link in Connexxus. This will allow you access to all fares and UC-negotiated discounts and benefits (including an extra 250 Rapid Reward points for each leg of the trip). Direct payment of airfare using campus funds is not available through SWABIZ and travelers will need to obtain reimbursement.

Travelers may also book Southwest tickets directly with Connexxus travel agents. Trips spanning May 8 will be booked as two one-way tickets and normal fees will apply to each ticket.

Trips completed prior to May 8 or beginning after May 8
Travelers can continue to book roundtrip tickets for Southwest using the travel agency websites or directly with Connexxus travel agents for trips that will be completed prior to May 8, as well as for trips that start after May 8. The temporary booking procedures do not apply to these trips.

The UCOP Central Travel Office will hold a 30-minute webinar to discuss this platform change and what it may mean to UC travelers at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 6. Register online for this webinar.