Change to Date Filter Validation

Based on feedback from the MyReports Advisory Group, validation of the date filter for reports using a "From/To" format has been changed and is now performed when the report is run rather than when the report filter dates are selected. Previously, when dates were selected so that the "From" date was more recent than the "To" date, an error message was immediately generated notifying the user that the date filters required correction. This approach required a user to click OK to the error message and cleared the date filters; the user then needed to enter the "From" date followed by the "To" date. The enhancement allows a user to enter the date filters in any sequence, eliminating unnecessary mouse clicks.

Twelve reports have been modified to reflect this change including the three most popular reports: Transaction Detail (TDR), Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE), and Net Position.

Note that date filters are not saved when you create a Favorite; current default dates are loaded when you use your MyFavorite and for scheduled reports. You can change the default dates when running a report using a MyFavorite so the report returns the data you need.