Research Administration System (RAS) Update - FSR/INV Documents Tab

In a continued effort to provide more information to Principal Investigators and departmental research administrators, CGA has implemented an update in RAS. This update is also critical for future planned enhancements that continue to streamline CGA processes.

A key part of this update is the addition of Invoices to the existing FSR Documents Tab. All submitted invoices will now be readily available to all RAS users. The tab also includes a cumulative total of all uploaded reports and invoices. This improvement will provide better visibility to the research community and allow for enriched collaboration and higher efficiency between all business partners.

Additionally, the page now aligns Financial Reporting and Invoice Milestones with actual submissions to the sponsor. For each milestone, a corresponding report or invoice must be attached in RAS to “complete” the milestone. This streamlines the milestone process for CGA staff allowing them to include reports and invoices in RAS and close a milestone in one-step.

After this update becomes effective on May 8, the new tab will be changed to:

CGA will be using this process for all financial reports and invoices after May 8; past invoices for active awards will not be populated and only historical FSRs will be available.