Key Accounts Payable FY2016-17 Year-End Dates

The latest GL Monthly Schedule includes these key Accounts Payable fiscal year-end dates:

Due Day Department Action

June 30
(5 p.m.)

Last day to submit invoices, payment request forms (e.g. check requests, M&E, and BearBuy Payment Request Forms), and approved MyExpense reports for FY2016-17 processing. Requests received by Accounts Payable prior to the deadline will be processed in time for posting to the FY2016-17 Prelim Ledger provided all information is complete, accurate, and the request has the proper approvals.

Any requests for invoices, payment request forms, and expense reports received after June 30 with an invoice date of June 30 or prior, will be posted in FY2016-17 as time permits. Priority will be given to those requests received prior to the June 30 deadline.

July 14
(5 p.m.)

Last day for central Accounts Payable to process invoices, payment request forms (e.g. check requests, M&E, BearBuy Payment Request Forms), and expense reports for FY2016-17.

July 17

Accounts Payable opens for FY2017-18 and will begin normal processing.

July 19

Last day to submit accrual requests to Accounts Payable for FY2016-17. You may request to accrue invoices over $100,000 for goods and services received prior to July 1. All information must be complete, accurate, and with proper approvals. After this deadline, only invoices over $300,000 may be accrued.

Accruals should be submitted via email to the Accountant Jeffrey Uchida at [email protected].

Contact the Controller's Office Solution Center at [email protected] or 415.476.2126 if you have any questions related to Accounts Payable year-end activities.