Research Administration Training Update

In a concerted effort to create the most effective training opportunities for the UCSF research administration community, we continue to use your feedback to improve and change the different avenues of training that are available on campus. There are three current forums for training: the Research Administration Town Hall, Post Award Management (PAM) training, and ad-hoc Lunch & Learn sessions. Based on your feedback, the Research Administration Town Hall schedule and format was changed beginning in March 2017. The Post Award Management (PAM) training series will be assessed in the coming months and we hope to offer updated training in 2018.

Research Administration Town Hall on June 20

The Research Administration (RA) Town Hall is offered quarterly and available only via live stream. The next RA Town Hall is scheduled for June 20 from 1 to 3 p.m. We will communicate further details through the Research Administration Town Hall Chatter Group. Chatter is used to communicate agendas, the webcast link, and any technical issues or updates during the Town Hall meetings. You can also use Chatter to submit topic requests for upcoming Town Hall meetings.

In preparation for the Town Hall, we encourage you to join the Research Administration Town Hall Chatter group, available via MyAccess.

Post Award Management (PAM) Training

The Post Award Management (PAM) training series is designed as an introduction to post award processes for new employees and is also a good refresher for those seeking a basic process review. There are currently five separate two-hour modules in the PAM series and the series is presented twice per year. The next series will begin in August. Schedule and registration details will be announced in future Controller's Office Newsletters.

As mentioned above, this training series is being reassessed; look for updated training offerings beginning in 2018.

Research Administration Lunch & Learn Sessions

No Lunch & Learn sessions are currently scheduled. We encourage the campus community to provide feedback on topic ideas or other training opportunities that would benefit the research community. Send your ideas to Service Team Manager Ellyn McCaffrey at [email protected].