Expanded Use of Corporate Travel Cards

We have expanded the use of the Corporate Travel Card to allow paying for local meeting and entertainment related expenses. In the past, use of the Corporate Travel Card was limited to paying for meeting and entertainment expenses while on travel status. An example of a local meeting and entertainment expense is paying for a business meeting meal at a local restaurant. For local catering needs, we encourage you to continue to order your food through America To Go (ATG) in BearBuy.

As a reminder, when submitting your Corporate Travel Card charges for meeting and entertainment expenses, you will need to select the Meeting and Entertainment expense type and complete the necessary fields in MyExpense. If applicable, ensure exceptional approvals are obtained through MyExpense workflow or submitted as an attachment in the MyExpense supporting documentation.

For more information see the Meeting and Entertainment Expenses, Claim Expenses for Reimbursement, and Corporate Travel Card how-to guides on the Controller's Office website.