Renamed and Additional Account Codes for Contracts and Grants Transactions and Reporting

In order to meet new University of California Office of the President (UCOP) fiscal year 2017-18 reporting requirements and to improve contracts and grants accounting reporting capabilities, a number of Accounts have been renamed and added to the UCSF Account Tree. UCOP’s new FY2017-18 reporting requirements include segregating local and state revenue and bad debt expense by contracts and grants, as well as separating receivables and uncollectible accounts allowances between private and local. Based on an analysis of the existing Account structure, CGA decided to establish separate Accounts for federal, state, local and private revenue, bad debt expense, receivables, unbilled receivables and uncollectible accounts allowances. See below for a summary of all added and changed Accounts:

New Accounts

Account Number Account Name
11332 A/R fed grants non-LOC
11333 A/R fed contracts LOC
11338 A/R-UAR-federal contracts
11341 A/R state grants
11343 A/R-UAR-state grants
11347 A/R-unallow-state grants
11355 A/R-local/oth govt grants
11357 A/R-unallow-private grants
11358 A/R-unallow-local contracts
11359 A/R-unallow-local grants
11361 A/R-UAR-private grants
11362 A/R-UAR-local/oth contracts
11363 A/R-UAR-local/oth govt grants
11364 A/R-private grants
41204 State grants
41205 State grants - bad debts
41404 Local/oth govt grants
41405 Local/oth grants - bad debts

Account Name Changes

Account Number New Account Name Old Account Name
11330 A/R fed contracts non-LOC A/R fed contracts/grants
11331 A/R fed grants LOC A/R fed contracts/grants LOC
11335 A/R-UAR-federal grants A/R-UAR-federal contr/grants
11340 A/R state contracts A/R state contracts/grants
11342 A/R-UAR-state contracts A/R-UAR-state contr/grants
11346 A/R-unallow-state contracts A/R-unc allow-state cont/grant
11350 A/R-local/oth govt contracts A/R-local govt contract/grant
11352 A/R-UAR-private contracts A/R-UAR-private contr/grants
11353 A/R-UAR-SFGH affiliation A/R-UAR-local & SFGH contr/gra
11356 A/R-unallow-private contracts A/R-un allow-local/priv con/gr
11360 A/R-private contracts A/R-private grants/contracts
41201 State contracts State-grants & contracts
41202 State contracts-bad debts State grant/contr-bad debts
41401 Local/oth govt contracts Local grants & contracts
41402 Local/oth contracts-bad debts Local grant/contr-bad debts

These changes became effective on July 1, 2017. It is very important to keep in mind that reports use the most recent description for all code values.  MyReports will now reflect the updated Account titles and will no longer reflect the old Account titles. For example, if you run a report now that includes Account 11330, the Account title will be “A/R fed contracts non-LOC” even if you are reporting on a period prior to July 2017 in which the activity captured by that Account was for both federal contracts and grants and not just contracts.

Contact the CGA Support Team if you have any questions.