E-Commerce Survey Coming in September

A number of Campus and Medical Center units currently use different vendors for their online commerce needs, resulting in inconsistent processes and security standards. To improve services for Campus and Medical Center departments, and to address heightened data security obligations, UCSF will be implementing an enterprise e-commerce solution. We are looking for an e-commerce solution that is cost effective, flexible, easy-to-use, PCI compliant, and secure. We anticipate that the new solution will: 

  • Lower administrative costs by minimizing the number of PCI audits and Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs), as well as leverage scale for value
  • Reduce risk by protecting customer data against credit card theft or fraud, protect the University’s reputation, and protect the University against costly fines, credit card fraud claims and other liabilities
  • Accommodate the scale, flexibility and functionality to meet the demands of numerous departments

Later this month, the PCI Workgroup will be sending a short 5-minute survey to the PCI list serv about current and future eCommerce and point of sale activities.  Responses will be used to determine the needs and scope for the enterprise e-commerce solution.  When you receive the email announcing the survey, please take 5 minutes to respond before the survey closes. If you are not already subscribed to the PCI list serv and want to participate in this survey or be added to the list serv, send an email to A[email protected].