Improvements Coming to MyExpense

Over the past several months, department representatives, Medical Center Accounts Payable, and Campus Accounts Payable have been meeting to discuss improvement ideas for MyExpense.  Although not all the improvement ideas can be implemented at this time, we are pleased to announce the first set of improvements to MyExpense that will be effective September 15, 2017:

Subject What's Happening Why the Change?

Morale Building Check Box

  • Replace the “Morale Building” check box with a new check box – “Check if this is an exceptional expense”
  • If this box is checked, a comment will be required
  • The comment should indicate the type of exceptional expense event such as, morale building

Morale building is only one type of activity that requires exception approval. By removing the “Morale Building” check box and replacing with “Check if this is an exceptional expense”, the check box can be used for all the types of activities requiring exception approval.

Expense Type – Buffet Reception

Removed “Buffet Reception” expense type.

This expense type is not necessary and already covered under the expense types for Meeting and Entertainment.

UCSF Guest Travel Expense Policy

Change “UCSF Guest Travel Expense Policy” name to read “UCSF Guest Expense Policy”

Changing policy name to be more descriptive and inclusive of all travel and non-travel expenses for guests.

Room Rental

Change “Room Rental” expense type label to read “Meeting Room Rental”

Changing expense type labeling to make it clearer and more descriptive of the expenditure.

Look for more changes to the MyExpense system as we will continue our quest to look for ways to improve the user experience with MyExpense.