CGA Organizational Update

It has been over a year since Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA) announced organizational changes in the July 2016 Controller's Office Newsletter.  Over the last year, CGA staff have transitioned into their new teams and roles, welcomed new staff to fill open positions, completed multiple levels of training, and continued to make system improvements to more easily manage and monitor the range of University awards and funding mechanisms received by the University.  During this year we also developed a better understanding of departmental needs and each department's portfolio of awards.  

To ensure that we continue to improve service for our customers and to maintain an even distribution of work, we recently conducted an assessment of the current award population. This assessment identified shifts in the complexity and scope of some of the portfolios within the same job classification.  In response, we have rebalanced portfolios and attempted to better align portfolios with the needs of the departments including further streamlining contacts.  The CGA team structure and responsibilities did not change.  Department or Control Point relationships also remained with the current team.  However, the oversight by a specific team member may have changed.  Additionally, we have repositioned staff to ensure success based on these new alignments.  All award responsibility changes will be effective in all systems and reflected on the Controller's Office website by September 5. 

There are three tools for you to identify which CGA staff member is responsible for a specific award:

  1. In RAS, see the "CGA Service Team Member" field of the Award Details in the Award Profile (see the RAS User Reference for specific location details)
  2. Find Your CGA Service Team quick reference guide
  3. CGA Support Contacts on the Controller's Office website

The current economic environment, continued focus on audits by outside agencies, our large presence in developing countries, as well as our regular compliance monitoring program, resulted in changing Compliance Manager Todd Vizenor to report directly to Assistant Controller MC Gaisbauer.  This change was effective August 1.

The updated CGA organizational chart reflects these changes.