Enhanced Sponsored Projects Balances Report

Two enhancements have recently been made to the Sponsored Projects Balances Report:

  • Business Unit has been added to the output.
  • A new Report Specific filter has been added. The filter is a checkbox labeled “Include Inactive Project-Activity Periods” and allows users to include or exclude inactive Project-Activity Periods. By default, the option is set to include.

The Sponsored Projects Balances Report (job aid) is located on the Operational Reports tab and enables departments to monitor Awards/Projects at any point in time, and at any level of the Dept ID tree. The report shows Budget, Actual Expenses, and Other Changes, and indicates whether each Project–Activity Period has a positive or deficit balance.

Users may need to clear their browser’s cache in order to take advantage of the enhancements.

Contract the Controller's Office Solution Center if you need assistance or have questions about these changes.