Postdoctoral Scholars to use HBS for Personal Time Off (PTO) and Sick Leave Reporting Starting in November

Beginning in November 2017, postdoctoral scholars will begin reporting and tracking personal time off (PTO) and sick leave using Huntington Business Systems (HBS). The majority of UCSF employees began using HBS several years ago.  Postdoctoral scholars were not included at that time due to the unique nature of their allocation of PTO and sick leave. For example, unlike other employees, postdoctoral scholars do not accrue PTO on an ongoing basis; instead their allocation of PTO and sick leave is made at the beginning of their appointment.

The inclusion of the approximately 1,000 postdoctoral scholars in HBS will provide them with a standardized, electronic method to record their use of both PTO and paid sick leave, submit requests for use of PTO, and view available balances. Supervisors will be able to accurately and efficiently review and approve PTO requests, and ensure appropriate recording of sick and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave.

In the event that a postdoctoral scholar is non-exempt and must be paid biweekly, HBS will allow for an electronic method for recording and tracking hours worked.

Look to future editions of the Controller’s Office Newsletter to learn more about the inclusion of postdoctoral scholars in HBS and to find out about training opportunities.