Responsibilities and Helpful Hints for Journal Approvers

Journal Approvers play a crucial role in ensuring journals are valid, complete, and accurate! Approvers are responsible for understanding the nature and purpose of the journal, and for performing a detailed review of the journal lines and supporting documentation.

Did you know PeopleSoft workflow functionality helps facilitate this process?  If an Approver determines a journal needs correction, they should deny the journal.  This action will automatically send the Journal Preparer a workflow notice alerting them the journal needs revision. The Preparer can then  address the issue and re-submit the journal to route through workflow again.  Use of this PeopleSoft functionality is a best practice, and often more effective than sending emails outside of the system.  

For more information about the Journal Approver role, see Reviewing and Approving or Denying PeopleSoft Journals and Using the PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals Application.  If you have questions about journal approval, contact the Accounting and Reporting unit.