New Additional Compensation Policy for NRSA Fellows

On behalf of the Research Advisory Board, UCSF is adopting new policies and procedures to allow for additional compensation from federal funds for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Fellows. The NIH Grants Policy Statement was amended to remove the prohibition for any additional salary support for NRSA fellows from federal research grants and to allow for up to 25% salary (10 hours per week) for NRSA fellows under certain circumstances. The main requirement is that the additional salary and effort be associated with work that is not related to the NRSA research project. To provide for compliance with these limitations, new procedures were presented to and approved by the Academic Senate’s Committee on Research on behalf of the Research Advisory Board.

The proposed process requires that the fellow, the NRSA mentor, the Principal Investigator of the training grant (for T32, not F32 awards), and the Principal Investigator of the research grant all certify that they will abide by the NIH rules. In addition, if the mentor is one of the key personnel for the research grant, the proposed process calls for approval by the Vice or Associate Dean for Research for the school.

If you have questions about additional compensation for NRSA Fellows, contact CGA Compliance.