Equipment Custody Codes Now Available on the Controller's Office Website

Equipment custody codes are now available on the Controller’s Office website.  You can filter the custody code list by code, code description, custodian, Dept ID, or Dept ID description.

Custody code is a four-digit code, requested by the department and issued by Capital Asset Management (CAM), that is used to assign custodial responsibility for UC-held assets. Custody codes are tied to Dept ID codes and mirror the campus' organizational structure.  Each custody code requires a designated individual to act as custodian.  The Equipment Custodian is responsible for physical inventory verification and for reporting equipment changes to CAM. 

The equipment custody code is entered in BearBuy when purchasing capital equipment (stand-alone equipment with a value of $5,000 or more).   In order to assure that equipment is assigned to the correct custody code, the custody code should be listed on all purchasing documents including the requisition and purchase order.  Since departments can have more than one custody code, contact the department Equipment Custodian to determine which custody code should be used when purchasing capital equipment.  For more information, refer to Buying Capital Equipment.  

If you have questions about custody codes, contact Capital Equipment & Accounting.