Recharge Journal Entries and Contacts

Have you ever looked at your department’s recharges and wondered who recorded the recharge or who to call with questions you have about a specific recharge transaction? The Recharge Source Codes and Contacts List published on the Controller’s Office website may provide the answers you need.

The Controller’s Office maintains this list to help campus departments with their recharge activity, and we need your help to keep it current. If you are the contact for the recharge or manage a department that processes recharges, let us know as soon as possible of any recent or upcoming changes. In addition to updating the contact list, keeping General Accounting apprised of changes also ensures proper PeopleSoft access for employees processing recharges and that new source codes are created in PeopleSoft when required. Specifically, we need you to:

If you need to change recharge processors, remember to plan ahead.  Any employee who does not already have the PeopleSoft journal preparer role must complete online training before you can request their PeopleSoft journal preparer role and the suspense correction role

If you have any questions, contact the General Accounting Service Desk