Equipment Inventory Certification Process Now Uses DocuSign

Capital Asset Management (CAM) has implemented the use of DocuSign to transmit and certify Final Inventory Reports as part of the physical verification of capitalized assets.  University and Federal Regulations require that campus departments perform a physical verification of all capitalized assets every two years.  Use of DocuSign allows Department Equipment Custodians and Department Heads to more easily access, review, approve, and certify their Inventory Reports using a web-based online tool.  This enhancement should eliminate lost reports, streamline the certification process, and make it easier to monitor progress and compliance.  

Effective immediately, CAM will send the Final Inventory Report to the Equipment Custodian using DocuSign.  Equipment Custodians should refer to the Completing the Final Inventory Report in DocuSign for Equipment Custodians job aid for instructions on how to complete the certification process.  Certification should be completed within 10 days of receiving the DocuSign email notification.  For more information, including detailed policies and procedures related to capital equipment physical inventory, see the Equipment Custodian Guide and Equipment Custodian Responsibilities.  

If you have questions about physical verification or other capital assets topics, contact Capital Equipment & Accounting