Policy Update: G-41 Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts to Employees

We announced anticipated changes to UC Policy G-41 Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts in the March edition of the Controller's Office Newsletter.  At that time, we noted that G-41 was still in the review process and that the next revision could include other changes.  UCOP recently published the approved G-41 policy with an effective date of March 15, 2018. 

One additional change appears in the revised G-41 policy related to Length of Service Awards.  The policy now allows presentation of a non-negotiable gift card or gift certificate for a Length of Service Award, however the entire amount is taxable and subject to withholding as income regardless of the amount.  The policy also stipulates that all Length of Service awards cannot exceed the $400 per-person limit.  

For more detailed information, refer to UC Policy G-41 Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts and Understanding the Taxability of Employee Non-Cash Awards and Gifts.