Enhancements Coming to the Stipend Payment Request Application

An updated Stipend Payment Request application will be available on June 11, 2018.  The enhancements help to eliminate common data entry errors, provide more explicit guidance to users, and increase security.   

Benefits of the updated Stipend Payment Request and Stipend Template include:

  • Will ensure UC ID entered is ten-characters (eliminating the most frequent entry error)
  • Will validate that Activity Period is entered for all sponsored projects
  • Streamlined user interface and automated loading of user contact information
  • Detailed instructions (job aid) available from the application 
  • Better status and error messages 
  • Example data displayed on the Stipend Template for easy reference

Student Accounting Controller’s Office webpage:

  • Updated Student Payment Request job aid
  • Revised overview page with frequently asked questions

The CGA Student Accounting Team is grateful for the departmental feedback received over this last year. Without your help and input, we would not have been able to enhance and streamline this process.

For more information on stipend payments including contacts for assistance, see the Student Accounting section of the Controller’s Office website.