Dept ID Filter Enhancement

In order to improve Dept ID searching, an effort is underway to add an additional level to the Dept ID filters that allows searching across all levels of the Dept ID tree. The new level is called “Level All” and will be the default level for most reports, allowing users to more quickly and simply find Dept IDs without first selecting the tree level for the specific desired Dept ID. This relieves users from determining the appropriate tree level before selecting a Dept ID and eliminates a few clicks.

“Level All” enhancements have recently been applied to the following reports:

  • Alt Account Detail Report
  • Balance Sheet Report – UCSF Health
  • Income Statement Report
  • Income Statement Variance Report
  • Key Operating Trends
  • McKesson AP Detail Report
  • Actuals vs Plan Comparison Report
  • Current Year vs. Prior Year Actuals Comparison Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Fund Group Report
  • Mission Based Report
  • Organization Report
  • Project Use Report

Users may need to clear their browser's cache in order to take advantage of the enhancements. Watch for updates on this continuing enhancement effort in future editions of the Controller's Office Newsletter.