Audit & Advisory Services New Financial Management Dashboard

Audit & Advisory Services is launching a new Financial Management Dashboard in August. The dashboard will provide department managers, Control Points, and central units with quick indicators to help monitor financial compliance risks.  Drawing from financial, personnel, and other relevant data, easy-to-view charts will highlight individual transactions that are at greater risk for non-compliance and may merit additional management review.

Key metrics related to sponsored award management, endowments, and recharge projects will include:

  • accelerated spending near the end of federal awards
  • administrative salaries charged to federal awards
  • unallowable expenses charged to federal awards
  • sponsored awards budget deficit monitoring
  • late cost transfers
  • recharge operations surpluses and deficits
  • recharge project unallowable expenses
  • spend-down of endowment income

Audit & Advisory Services will hold several orientation and training sessions to demonstrate the Financial Management Dashboard. The first session will be held on Tuesday, July 24 at 10 a.m. in Cole Hall. Register for this session using Eventbrite.  Contact Zuleikha Shakoor, Audit & Advisory Services Senior Associate Director, at (415) 476-9543 if you have any questions about the dashboard or training sessions.

The dashboard is a component of UCSF’s Continuous Monitoring Program—a partnership between Audit & Advisory Services and University departments.  For more information, see the Financial Management Dashboard section of the Audit & Advisory Services website.