Key Sponsored Awards FY 2017-18 Year-End Dates

Fiscal year-end close is quickly approaching!  To help ensure you are prepared, note the following key dates for fiscal year-end close out activities for sponsored awards.  Be advised that these activities occur before the Control Point Final Close on July 24.

Category Due Date Department Action
June Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs)
  • Monday, July 2
  • Friday, July 13
  • PETs for sponsored awards are due to the Controller's Office Solution Center
  • PETs for non-sponsored awards are due to the Controller's Office Solution Center
June Invoicing and Financial Reporting Friday, July 20
  • June 2018 Interim Close data (as of July 20) will be used for June invoicing and financial reporting
  • Be sure to review your awards to ensure all appropriate costs are booked by Interim Close
Payment Processing during Year-End Close Friday, June 29
  • Only payments received in the lockbox by Friday, June 29 will be recorded in June. Payments will be processed by Interim Close (July 20)
  • All payments received after June 29 will be posted to the General Ledger after June Final Close (between July 26 and August 7)

As a reminder, at fiscal year-end, deferral and accruals of revenue are recorded in the actual accounting period and not the adjustment period.

If you have questions about any of these deadlines or related procedures, contact the CGA Service Desk.