HRSA Comprehensive Site Visits

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) has announced that a comprehensive site visit of the recipient in the first year is a requirement of any new award from their agency. This in-depth review is conducted by external consultants with HRSA involvement; it covers a programmatic, fiscal, and administrative review of the award.

As a reminder, consult the following guidelines if you are contacted by HRSA or any external auditor:


  1. Please obtain the following information:
    • Name of auditing/reviewing agency
    • Name of auditor/reviewer, phone number, and email address
    • Specific areas of audit
    • Grant/Award number to be audited
  2. Do not provide any information 
  3. Let the reviewers/auditors know that a member of the Controller’s Office will be contacting them
  4. Notify your department manager and your control point 


  1. Coordinate with CGA Compliance in responding to any requests from external auditors/reviewer for information
  2. Make sure CGA Compliance is available during site visit
  3. Participate in meetings with auditors/reviewers to explain departmental processes or specific transactions
  4. Provide any responses to findings to CGA Compliance for review and transmittal to auditors

For more information, see How to Survive an External Audit.