Campus Dept ID Request Form Enhancement

The Campus Dept ID Request Form has been revised to include a list of Functions that can be associated with a new Dept ID. Dept ID-Function combinations are mapped in PeopleSoft, and combo edit rules ensure that only valid combinations can be used together. It is now required to associate at least one Function with a new Dept ID.

The form is used to request new Campus Dept IDs, moving of Dept IDs on the Dept ID tree, and Dept ID name changes. Requests are coordinated centrally and submitted via Control Points. To initiate a request, complete the form and submit via email to your respective Control Point Approver. Please submit a creation or change for only one Dept ID per form.

Refer to the Inquiry Reports to review valid Dept ID and Function values. You may also want to consult What Function Should I Use for My Activity? to ensure that you are associating the correct Function(s) with new Dept IDs.