Outgoing Subawards/Subcontracts Process Will Transition to BearBuy in 2019

In early 2019, UCSF will implement new tools and procedures to manage the end-to-end subaward process. As part of this change, all subaward requests, modifications, and invoices will be processed using UCSF’s BearBuy procurement system in conjunction with CACTAS.

New BearBuy forms for Subawards, Subcontracts, amendments and Multi-Campus Awards will replace the use of manual Subaward Request Forms to initiate and modify subawards and subcontracts. BearBuy departmental workflows will be used for the approval of all requests and modifications. BearBuy invoice approval will replace the current DocuSign process for approving invoices for payment. The RAS subrecipient tab will be retired and replaced with BearBuy and CACTAS functionality. The use of BearBuy and CACTAS will provide increased visibility into each step of the subaward lifecycle.

Other benefits of the re-designed subaward workflow process include:

  • Increased visibility into subaward payments and balances through the use of BearBuy purchase orders
  • Integrated tracking of subaward activity, including liens and invoice images, using existing MyReports standard financial and Faculty Portfolio reports and the Faculty Portfolio Projections tool
  • Unified processes to manage subawards to external recipients and intercampus subawards
  • Elimination of manual invoice processing and MCA payment transfers
  • Automation of key financial controls
  • Increased visibility in CACTAS of subaward compliance, risk management, and audit requirements mandated by Uniform Guidance

Look for additional details and updates in the coming weeks, including at the December 13 Research Administration Town Hall.