MyReports Filter Page Enhancements to Facilitate Report Scheduling

To better facilitate report scheduling, an effort is underway to add filter and display options to the filter page that are currently only found on the HTML output of the report. Making all filters available on a report’s filter page allows users to create and save a MyFavorite for any combination of filters. The MyFavorite can subsequently be scheduled, and the resulting report will display data filtered by the desired parameters.

The following enhancements have been applied to the Actual vs. Plan Comparison and the Current Year vs. Prior Year Actuals Comparison reports:

  • Added Account Level filter to filter page
  • Added option to display results at Account Level F using the Account Level filter
  • Added Display Codes and Descriptions filter
  • Created new option to Show Expense Subtotals
  • Added Unformatted Data option to the report output choices. Selection of the Unformatted Data output returns an Excel file that has no special formatting and a single row for column headings, making it the best source for pivot tables and other advanced spreadsheet analysis

Users will need to clear their browser’s cache in order to take advantage of the enhancements.

If you have questions about MyReports, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.