Helpful Reminders for Journal Approvers

Journal Approvers play a crucial role in ensuring journals are valid, complete, accurate, and posted in a timely manner. Journal Approvers are responsible for understanding the nature and purpose of each journal submitted and for performing a detailed review of the journal lines and supporting documentation.

PeopleSoft's built-in workflow functionality helps facilitate best practices in journal review and approval. When a Journal Approver determines that a journal needs correction, denying the journal will trigger a notice alerting the Journal Preparer that the journal needs revision. The journal will return to the Journal Preparer's queue for further action. Use of this functionality is often more effective than sending emails outside of the system.

Planning to be out of the office? PeopleSoft provides options to help you ensure that journals post as intended, even when you are away from your office.

  • When an absence takes you out of the office, you can assign an alternate approver to review and approve or deny your journals. Temporarily delegating PeopleSoft journal approval authority is performed in PeopleSoft by the Journal Approver. Please note that any journal submitted prior to assigning your delegation will still route to you, as the workflow route is determined at the time a Journal Preparer hits the submit button.
  • The PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals application provides Journal Approvers with the added convenience of reviewing and taking action on pending journal transactions from a mobile device.

For more information about the Journal Approver role, see Reviewing and Approving or Denying PeopleSoft Journals. If you have questions about journal approval, contact [email protected]