PeopleSoft File Name Limitation

Oracle restricts the length of file names to 64 characters for all files uploaded to any module within PeopleSoft. The file extension (e.g., ".pdf" or ".xls") is counted as part of the file name character limit. Attempting to upload a file with a file name longer than 64 characters may result in an error message.

If you receive an error message or if you find that your attachments are not being uploaded, save your file with a new file name that does not exceed 64 characters and try again.

While spaces, hyphens, and underscores help make file names more readable, one way to shorten a file name is to remove spaces and use capital letters instead. For example, changing the file name "Journal_approval_transfer_fees_April_2019" to "JournalApprovalTransferFeesApril2019" would reduce the file name by five characters.

If you have questions, contact General Accounting & Reporting at [email protected].