Effort Reporting Certifications Due by April 30, 2019

Effort reports for the July 1 to December 31, 2018 period are available for review and certification. Effort report certifications for this period are due by April 30, 2019. If you have not yet certified, please complete the certification process as soon as possible to ensure UCSF meets the required 100% certification rate.

UCSF Campus Administrative Policy 300-19 requires timely documentation of after-the-fact verification of personnel expenditures charged to federally sponsored projects in accordance with campus policies and Uniform Guidance. This includes federal flow-through subcontracts that the campus receives as a second-tier contractor of a federal agency. Exceptions are pre- and postdoctoral individuals supported 100% by a fellowship (stipend) with no additional employment compensation, and college Work Study employees.

Principal Investigators and other faculty in Professional Research and Management titles are required to certify their own effort since they are in the best position to understand how they spend their time in support of the various activities in which they are engaged. Non-academic staff, postdoctoral scholars, and students cannot certify effort reports. Their effort must be certified by a responsible official with suitable means of verification that the work was performed. Also, effort reports of staff employees who work for more than one Principal Investigator should have the “Report requires multiple certifications” box checked on the effort report to ensure that the effort is accurately confirmed by each certifier. For more information on the effort reporting process, visit the Effort Reporting System page on the Controller's Office website.

You can access the Effort Reporting System through MyAccess. If you have login or other technical issues, contact the IT Help Desk at 415.514.4100, option 2. If you have questions or concerns about the effort reporting process, email CGA Compliance.