Enhancements to the Asset Management System Coming Soon

The Asset Tracking and Decision Support (ATDS) project was initiated in July 2016 to enhance our enterprise-wide Asset Management System software. Sponsored by the Resource Research Program, the Controller's Office, and Supply Chain Management, the project addresses the need to better identify and locate research equipment across campus through the use of more descriptive attributes and new search pages.

Key enhancements also include:

  • the ability for researchers to track equipment performance and maintenance issues to support decision making for repeat purchases and service contracts;
  • the ability for Equipment Custodians to update specific equipment attributes, including equipment location, serial number, and condition; and
  • the ability to initiate the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) process online.

Four primary roles will enable Equipment Custodians, Lab Managers, Core Managers, and others to access the system and take advantage of the new functionality developed as part of this project.

Go to the new ATDS System Implementation website to learn more about new features and new user roles, and to stay informed of upcoming training opportunities. If you have questions about the ATDS project, contact the project team at [email protected].