Fiscal Year-End Close Information and Deadlines


Fiscal year-end close is approaching! To help ensure you are prepared, please join us for the annual fiscal close presentation on June 10. This year, the fiscal close presentation will be available via a Zoom webinar. You can view the presentation from your desk to learn more about the year-end close process, including dates and discussion of key close activities. If you are responsible for any year-end close activities, please plan to view the session. Registration is not required.

Year-End Key Dates 2019

As we prepare for year-end, note the following key dates:

  • June Prelim Close: Friday, July 12
  • June Interim Close: Friday, July 26
  • June Control Point Final Close: Tuesday, July 30

Scheduling Reports

You can use the scheduling feature in MyReports to automate production and delivery of your reports for the June Prelim, Interim, and Final Close. To use this feature, schedule your desired reports to run "At campus month-end close." The MySchedule function will deliver the report the day after the close date (e.g., for June Prelim on Saturday, July 13) and notify the designated recipients by email. See the Managing and Scheduling MyFavorites in MyReports job aid for detailed instructions.


If you have questions about fiscal year-end close, contact General Accounting & Reporting at [email protected].