Enhancements to PeopleSoft Asset Management Now Available

As part of the Asset Tracking & Decision Support (ATDS) project, enhancements to the PeopleSoft Asset Management system went live on June 24.

Lab Managers, Core Managers, Equipment Custodians, and others can now take advantage of the following new functionality developed to improve the management of research equipment at UCSF:

For Lab Personnel

  • Enhancements to the BearBuy Capital Equipment Form include more attributes for research equipment and the ability to select a Curator at the time of purchase.
  • Researchers have the ability to indicate if equipment is in a core, available for self-use or shareable, as well as the ability to add descriptive keywords to enhance search capabilities for others trying to locate equipment.
  • Personnel with a maintenance role can add warranty and service contract expiration notifications.
  • Users can track equipment performance and maintenance issues to support decision making for repeat purchases and service contracts.

For Equipment Custodians

  • Equipment Custodians and their delegates can update specific equipment attributes, including equipment location, serial number, and condition.
  • Custodians can initiate and track the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) process online.

New Capital Equipment Web Search

  • The Capital Equipment Web Search tool was developed to aid in the search for research equipment and can be leveraged to locate all capital equipment across campus. This mobile-friendly search tool provides several search options to locate capital equipment.
  • Users must be connected to the UCSF network (via Ethernet, UCSFwpa wireless network, or VPN) to access the tool.
  • Information about the search tool and training can be found in the Capital Equipment Web Search section of the ATDS System Implementation website.

Training Opportunities

Lab Managers, Core Managers, and Equipment Custodians have received targeted communications notifying them of training opportunities, including an invitation to attend an upcoming demonstration of the new enhancements. Others interested in learning more can review electronic training materials on the ATDS System Implementation website. Training materials are organized into collections for users with Custodian/Custodial Delegate and Curator/Maintenance roles.

Registration is also open for the following upcoming presentations:

  • Custodian & Custodial Delegate Roles
    • Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - Parnassus
  • Curator & Maintenance Roles
    • Monday, July 1, 2019 - Parnassus
    • Thursday, July 11, 2019 - Mission Bay

Registration and additional information, including how to request access to PeopleSoft Asset Management, is available on the ATDS System Implementation website. If you have questions, contact the project team at [email protected].