MyReports Access Deprovisioning

The removal of user access--known as deprovisioning--occurs in MyReports automatically under the following conditions:

  • when an employee separates from UCSF;
  • when an employee changes Home Departments.

If you find that you no longer have access to MyReports and have recently changed your Home Department, contact your manager or supervisor to request the roles that are appropriate for your new position. As a reminder, Access Administrators use the Access Management application (available via MyAccess) to request, change, or deactivate MyReports roles for individual users. Managers should notify their Department Access Administrator which roles to request for the user. UCSF Health staff must submit a completed Financial System Application Request (FSAR) form to a Department Access Administrator when requesting access to MyReports.

For additional information, see MyReports Access & Availability, or contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.