Avoiding Common Errors When Submitting PETUs

CGA’s goal is to process all Payroll Expense Transfer Uploader (PETU) forms in a timely manner. While CGA strives to process all PETUs daily, incomplete or incorrect form submissions may cause delays.

Departments should prepare PETUs based on the policies and guidelines provided on the first tab of the form. While most PETU submissions correctly follow these instructions, you can avoid delays in processing by taking note of the following tips to avoid common errors:

DPE Input Tab

  • Do not leave blank rows between rows of expenses.
  • Do not edit or format the data that you have pasted into the sheet.
  • Do not add any additional information other than values pasted from the DPE.
  • Do not eliminate or add any columns.

Debit Input Tab

  • Provide a detailed Business Purpose to explain why the correct funding source was not originally charged. State concisely how and/or why the charges shown in the DPE are in error and how the PETU properly adjusts them. It is not sufficient to merely state that the transfer was made “to correct an error” or "to correct a project.” You must document how the salary transfer benefits the project being charged (e.g., salary for post-doc assigned to project).
  • Check that the Business Unit Designator and all chartfield values (including Fund, Activity Period, Department ID, and Function) are valid.  The workbook will check for common data entry errors; these appear in red on the right side of each row. However, the workbook does not validate chartfield combinations. Please ensure that your chartstrings are valid and make any necessary corrections before submitting the PETU workbook.

Approvals Tab

  • The approval section must be completed even when an approval email is attached to the PETU submission. For approvals by email, indicate in the approval box as, “See Approval Attached."

Attachment E Tab for federal or federal flow-through awards

  • Provide sufficient detail for question number one, “How does this expense benefit the project?” The preparer must provide detail about the employee's role in the nature of work.
  • Provide the name, signature, and date of the CGA Approved Cost Transfer Reviewer.
  • Provide the Principal Investigator's name, signature, and date. The approval section must be completed even when the preparer is forwarding the approval email. For approvals by email, indicate in the approval box as, “See Approval Attached."

Department preparers should carefully review all PETU data to ensure it is accurate prior to submission. Remembering these tips will help ensure timely processing of your payroll expense transfer.

If you have questions about preparing or submitting a PETU, contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.