New Features Added to the General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool

We are happy to announce the release of several new enhancements to the General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool:

  • A new Approval Matrix Report is now available from the Reports menu to help users view assigned Approvers for their Dept IDs. The report indicates whether Approvers have been assigned manually or whether they inherited their role from an assignment at a parent Dept ID level. It also indicates where no Approvers have been assigned to a Dept ID.
  • A new Approval Compliance Dashboard is now available from the Compliance Dashboard menu. It displays the overall approval percentage and the number of verification items approved and not approved for one or more Dept IDs.
  • An enhancement to the Verification Compliance Dashboard enables users to view the number of items in each verification status (Completed or Not Verified), in addition to viewing statuses by percentage.

Please take a moment to review these new features the next time you log into the GL Verification Tool. You can read more about these and other recent GL Verification Tool enhancements in the General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool Enhancement Summary.

If you have comments or questions, contact the GLV team at [email protected].