Vacation Leave Assessment Posting Corrections

There are two financial reporting issues impacting vacation leave assessments on July and August ledgers.

  • Vacation usage reported in HBS for the month of July was not included in the August payroll.
    • July vacation usage will be included in September payroll along with August usage.
    • Vacation leave assessment (VLA) credits for both months will be reflected in the September Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE).
  • The July payroll journal (PR01D10) that posted to the General Ledger on July 5, 2019 incorrectly included June VLA assessments that had already posted on the third June payroll journal (PR13D102).
    • A correcting journal (PR01VLAREV) will post in September.
    • The DPE will not be updated to reflect the correction.

If you are currently working on final invoicing and reporting for a sponsored award, remember to take these corrections into consideration and discuss with your CGA Service Team.

The root cause of these incidents has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has created. If you have questions, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.