Introducing UCSF Enterprise Ecommerce

UCSF departments or units that accept credit or debit cards for payment are considered UCSF credit card merchants. As a credit card merchant, the department assumes the requirements and risks associated with accepting credit card payments. UCSF merchants must select third-party service providers and payment software approved by UCSF Merchant Services.

Campus Life Services Technology Solutions has launched the UCSF Enterprise Ecommerce platform as a new option for UCSF merchants to accept credit card payments for online storefronts. Powered by CLS Tech, campus departments can take advantage of this flexible solution to establish secure, efficient, and affordable online payments.

Funded as an IT Governance Roadmap project and developed in partnership with the Controller's Office and UCSF Merchant Services, UCSF Enterprise Ecommerce sets a new standard for establishing PCI-compliant online credit card payments. The platform simplifies the setup of online payments and can integrate with existing websites. It provides real-time reporting and integrates with PeopleSoft financials for ease of financial reconciliation. Visit UCSF Enterprise Ecommerce to learn more.

As a reminder, departments who wish to establish a new method of accepting credit cards or make changes to existing payment methods must contact UCSF Merchant Services to obtain authorization prior to change or implementation. Onboarding requirements and instructions for new UCSF credit card merchants are available on the Controller's Office website. For all questions, please contact UCSF Merchant Services at [email protected].