New Metrics Added to Financial Management Dashboard

Audit & Advisory Services added five new metrics to the Financial Management Dashboard at the end of February 2020. The metrics provide additional key indicators to help monitor financial activities:

  • Gifts spend down: Campus spend down of Gift funds over the last three fiscal years
  • Payroll overtime: Employee payroll overtime, time-on-call, and compensatory time paid
  • Lost equipment: Capital equipment (valued at $5,000 or more) that has been reported lost by department equipment custodian
  • Exceptional reimbursement expenses: Self-reported MyExpense exceptional expenses that have been approved: non-coach airfare, spouse attendee, morale building, and exceptional expense checkbox
  • Recharge surplus: Recharge projects that are in surplus (e.g., revenue exceeding expenses and other changes)

About the Financial Management Dashboard

The dashboard was first launched in August 2018, and provides department managers, Control Points, and central units with quick indicators to help monitor potential financial risks. Drawing from financial, personnel, and other relevant data, easy-to-view charts highlight transactions that may merit additional management review.

The dashboard is a component of UCSF’s Continuous Monitoring Program—a partnership between Audit & Advisory Services and University departments. For more information, see the Financial Management Dashboard section of the Audit & Advisory Services website or log into the dashboard through MyAccess.