Increased Frequency for Sourcing Accounts Payable Details from McKesson

UCSF Health accounts payable (AP) details are now sourced from McKesson and posted to the general ledger on a daily basis. The change in frequency, from monthly to daily, eliminates monthly manual processing efforts and facilitates near real-time analysis of UCSF Health’s financial status.

The resulting data will be available in MyReports on the day following postings to the general ledger:

  • The McKesson AP Detail Report, located on the Monthly Variance and Health Financial tabs, displays detailed information for vouchers created in McKesson and posted to PeopleSoft, including vendor, purchase order, invoice, voucher, and item descriptions.
  • McKesson expense journals appear in the Alt Account Detail Report with hyperlinks that drill to the supporting details in the McKesson AP Detail Report.

Job aids for UCSF Health Reports are available in the MyReports sections of the Controller's Office website. If you have questions about MyReports, contact the Controller's Office Solution Center.