Updated Guidance for Disposal of Capital Equipment

Capital Accounting has recently updated the how-to guide, Disposition of Capital Equipment, which describes current campus policy and procedures for disposing of University-owned equipment.

Policy Reminder: Equipment Handling upon Separation or Transfer of a Faculty Member or Principal Investigator

University of California Policy BFB-BUS-38 governs the disposal of University property. It outlines procedures for the transfer of University-owned property in connection to a faculty member's or Principal Investigator (PI)'s move to an external institution, including other UC locations. Custodians and custodial departments must adhere to all guidelines, paying particular attention to the following.

  • In the case of the separation or transfer of a faculty member or PI, the custodial department shall conduct a physical inventory of all assigned property and report the findings to Capital Accounting. Custodial departments are responsible for ensuring all property is accounted for and remains in the University’s possession.
  • In no case may departing faculty or PIs remove University property without having obtained the appropriate written pre-approvals.
  • Except where prohibited under the terms of an award (open or closed), or in cases where an entire open award is transferred to the recipient institution, the University reserves the right to sell all property to the recipient institution at fair value. In the case of sponsor-funded equipment, “no-cost transfers” shall be permitted by exception only, and only with the approval of the officer delegated to control property.

For any questions please contact SCM Logistics at [email protected] or Capital Accounting at [email protected].