AYSO Open for 2020 Withholding Changes

The At Your Service Online (AYSO) Tax Withholding page has re-opened after necessary programming to incorporate IRS 2020 W-4 changes. Employees can continue to update withholding instructions until AYSO becomes read-only on April 24, as part of UCSF’s cutover to UCPath.

If you previously submitted a 2020 Form W4 to the Payroll office, you will receive a ServiceNow notification when processing of your form is complete. Those who have submitted a 2020 W-4 form to the Payroll Office may still change withholdings using AYSO; changes submitted in AYSO will override forms previously submitted.

UCOP has advised that additional manual processing is required when making three types of withholding changes through AYSO. You will need to contact the Payroll office by sending an email to [email protected] in order to complete withholding changes in the following cases:

  1. You currently claim Federal and State tax exemptions and no longer want to claim exempt.
    • Use AYSO’s Change My Tax Withholding page to enter your new updates.
    • After successfully submitting these updates, if the Current Tax Withholding page still displays the Federal Personal Allowances value as Exempt, contact the Payroll office.
  2. You currently claim Federal Personal Allowances that are greater than zero. The only tax change you want to make is to set this field to zero.
    • If you try to click submit from the Change My Tax Withholding page without making any changes, you will receive the error message, "You have not made any changes to your tax data. No update will take place because there are no new values to record."
    • Contact the Payroll office to complete this change.
  3. You want to claim either Federal or State tax exemption but not both.
    • You cannot complete this action in AYSO.
    • Complete and submit the applicable form for exemption.

All other withholding changes will be processed and sent to the payroll system and do not require you to contact us.

Please contact the Controller's Office Solution Center if you have questions.